DEC Our three CSR articles are included in special collection “ChemSocRev Emerging Investigator Lectureship winners”.

DEC Our invited AEM review is featured in special issue  “Excellence in Energy Research”.

DEC Our paper 2D nanofluidic Li-ion transport channels published in Adv. Mater. is featured Cover Article, and reported in Nanowerk, NanotechWeb.

NOV Our paper hybrid Fe-Al liquid battery published in Joule, a new flagship Energy journal by CellPress, has been featured as Cover Article.

NOV Prof. Zhenan Bao from Stanford University, Dr. Yu's former postdoc advisor visits UT Austin for MSE seminar! Great to have Zhenan in Austin.

OCT Dr. Yu was recently invited to Advisory Board of Chemistry of Materials, a prominent ACS journal in chemistry/materials science; Science China Chemistry, published by Science China Press, the most influential science press in China; and Batteries & Supercaps, a new Wiley journal in energy storage technologies.

OCT Dr. Yu was invited to attend 2017 Welch Conference, meets his former PhD advisor Prof. Charles Lieber from Harvard, and congrats John Goodenough for his Welch Award! 

OCT Our reviews 'Multifunctional Gels' and 'Novel Binders' both are Top 10 Most Read in Acc.Chem.Res.

OCT Our paper "Metallic holey NCS nanosheets" is Top 10 Most Read Papers in ACS Nano.

OCT American Chemical Society (ACS) feature our CM perspective article on Energy Gels for 'National Nanotechnology Day'! 

SEP Nanowerk and NanotechWeb (UK) feature our work "structural engineering of 2D energy materials " in Nano Lett.

AUG Three new PhD students Youhong, Xiao, and Xuelin joined our group! Welcome aboard!

AUG Dr. Yu organized two symposia at ACS Meeting in DC, and gave an invited talk on recent 2DMater research!

JUL UT Engineering profiles TMI and EERC as well as our group's recent research.

JUL MRS Bulletin profiles our work "holey 2D TMO nanosheets" in Nat. Common..

JUL Irish Times profiles our work "stretchable sodium ion battery" published in Adv. Mater.

JUL Prof. Yu gave an invited seminar for the prestigious 'DongWu Lectureship' at Soochow University, China.

JUL Our papers 'Multifunctional Gels' and '2D holey Co3O4 nanosheets' are Top 10 Most Accessed Papers in AccChemRes and NanoLett.

JUN ChemistryViews highlight our work "Al-based deep-eutectic-solvent anolyte for flow battery" in Angew. Chem.

JUN Our paper "holey 2D TMO nanosheets" in Nat. Common. is featured in Nanowerk, and NanotechWeb.

MAY Prof. Yu is named as a 2017 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar! A Great honor! UTexas, MSE News.

MAY Dr. Yu is awarded 2017 SMALL Young Innovator Award (Wiley-VCH) and gave a keynote talk at International Small Science Symposium! A great honor to join previous outstanding  awardees. ME News.

MAY Our papers 'Gel-derived novel Li2S cathode' and 'stretchable sodium ion battery' are Top 10 Most Accessed Papers in AEM and AM.

APR Congrats to Ye Shi for winning MRS Graduate Student Gold Award! Check MSE news.

APR Dr. Yu is elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)! Check ME, MSE news.

APR Our stretchable sodium-ion full battery in AdvMat was featured in Phys.Org and Nanowerk!

APR Dr. Yu gave an invited seminar in ME at Berkeley, and delivered two invited talks at ACS meeting!

APR MRS Bulletin features our recent work on metallocene redox flow batteries in EES!

APR We are grateful of being awarded a Senior Grant from the Welch Foundation!

MAR Our supergels as functional binders for next-generation lithium ion batteries was featured in Nanowerk (US), and NanotechWeb (UK).

MAR Ye and Lele both successfully defended their thesis. Big congrats, and we are very proud of you!

MAR Yu Ding was awarded the prestigious 2017-18 University Graduate Continuing Fellowship. Congrats!

MAR Lele was awarded the Outstanding Award at our Department's Graduate Student Poster Competition.

MAR Dr. Yu was officially awarded 2017 TMS Early Career Faculty Award. THanks for TMS Foundation!

FEB Our paper "all-metallocene non-aqueous flow battery" in EES is featured in Nanowerk and X-MOL.

FEB Ye Shi was selected 2017 MRS Graduate Student Award Finalist! Congrats for this prestigious award!

FEB Our paper "Metallocene Non-Aqueous Flow Batteries" is featured as Cover Article in EES.

FEB Our paper "Bio-Inspired Organic Redox Flow Batteries" in Chem is highlighted by X-MOL.

JAN Our work about nanostructured layered materials based high-energy sodium battery in EES is featured in MRS Bulletin! Our work on "smart electrolyte" is featured in UT ME Department.

JAN Our invited review on 'Hybrid 2D Materials for Flexible Energy Devices' is Top 10 Most Accessed Paper in Small, and featured in MaterialsViews (Wiley).

JAN Our work on ternary sulfur cathode was featured in Science News “Better batteries charge forward!”.