DEC Our work 'hydrogel tablets to purify water' was highlighted by World Economic Forum!

DEC Our work 'hydrogel tablets to purify water' was selected as TOP 10 UT Research Highlights in 2021

DEC Our work 'hydrogel tablets to purify water' was featured by UT President's Office's year-end message to UT Community. Happy Holidays!

DEC Congrats to Xiao Zhang for being selected for MRS Outstanding Graduate Student Gold Award! TMI News.

NOV Dr. Yu was ranked 2021 Top Highly Cited Researcher in both Materials Science and Chemistry by Clarivate. UT News, Engineering News, TMI News!

NOV Our 'Hydrogel tablet to purify water' work is highlighted UT EngineeringUT Energy Institute, and as AZOM Thought Leaders.

NOV Our invited review 'Polymers for Solar Water Purification' work is featured as J. Polymer Sci. Breakthroughs.

OCT Our invited review on 'single-atom catalysts for ammonia electrosynthesis' is featured by American Institute of Physics (AIP) SciLight

OCT Our work on 'hydrogel tablet to purify water' is featured in UT News! Daily TexanPhys.Org, ScienceDaily, The Economist, AxiosKXAN, New AtlasUT Research, UT EngineeringME News, TMI News, EI News, KnowRidgeFlipBoard, Florida News, NewsBreak, RemoNews, YouTube, Canada News, CPYNews, ScienMag, American Online, News Founded, NewsRobin, Tech Explorist, NewsBeezer, News18, SencyNews, Australia Online, Public-Republic, XNewsNet, AzoMaterials, StudyFinds, Mashable, OlharDigit, USA News, News24-France, DailyAdvent, Smart Water, Scientific Frontline, National Wizz, NewZealand Online, News-Medical, AlwafaNews, IMP News, Reddit, EurasiaReview, ENN, Water News, TechNews, Nanowerk, WION, Knowledia, India Now, World Industrial, NewsPost, DailyBest, The Week (India), Futurity, India Education, WaterWorld, Science Cafe, HackPosts, Upcoming Engineer, ResearchNews, Nach Welt, ZME Science, FunTiTech, MCU Times, CNbeta, NewsBust, Fry Electronics, 6Park News, KNews (UK), ScienceTimes (Korea)Correio Brazil, Inovacao BrazilRinnovabili (Italy), Trends der Zukunft (Germany)CW39 Houston, SEEbiz, News247, MyZakerCalifornia18, 163.comGeekWeek, Tom's Hardware, NewsTral, OSEL, Clare People, FuturoProssimo, CanalTech (Brazil),, NanotechSolutionsEngineering360, TeluguStop, Ruetir, MiddleEast-in-24, IndiansGulf, Better Parent, Glory News, Eco Inventos, ALterima, PSN, Wonderful Engineering, DailyGeek, SpotMedia, NewsVOT, DailyClipper, Daily Best, Medical Progress, News Rondonia, California NewsTimes, SciTech Daily, LA People, News Binding, SingTaoFree Think, VnExpress, InsideHook, Pulola, BrinkWire, EnviroTec, WorldBreakingNews, WarpNews, United Business Journal (UBJ),

SEP "Materials Innovation for Healthcare and Sustainability" Webinar by ACS Materials Letters, celebrates two years' journal publication on transformative materials research

AUG Our research group is highlighted by the Welch Foundation! Thanks for continuous generous support from Welch.

JUL Our work on 'Hydrogels for Solar Vapor Generation' is one of Most Cited 2018-2019 Articles in Nature Nanotech! Our work on 'Ni-Co-A Holey Nanosheets for Hydrogen Evolution' is one of 'Most Cited 2018-2019 Articles' in JACS!

JUL Our work 'Inter-site Effect Single-Atom Catalysts for Oxygen Electroreduction' is published in Nature Catalysis, and featured by UT News, UT ResearchME NewsTMI NewsNature Chemistry community, EurekAlert, ScienceDaily, WorldNews, NewsLocker, FuelCellsworks, SciTechDaily, Industry Update, SINA, cnBEta, NewsBreak, NanoTech Now, TopNews, NewEnergy,

JUL Our work 'Electrocatalytic Urea Synthesis with Nitrate and Carbon Dioxide' is featured by UT News, ScienceDailyME News, TMI NewsNewsBreak, EurekAlert!, Phys.OrgNature Sustainability, US DOE4state.News, MirageNews, ScienMag, BBC-edition, Azom, FlipBoard, Seed Daily, CleanTech, India Education, Florida News, Farms, MyDroll, iNews, NewFood Mag, HortiDaily, NewsNation, StatNano, AZOLifeScience, SciTech, INF news,

JUL Futurist recently features our Self-Watering Soil work as 'The Breakthrough in Agriculture in The Past Century'

JUL Congrats to Nancy, Xingyi, and Zhiwei for thesis defenses in past summer and spring. We have three new outstanding doctors now this year! 

JUN Dr. Yu is selected as one of 2021 honorees for the prestigious Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientist! UT News, NewsWise, EurekAlert, NYASWorld Journal, NewsCentral, TMI,

JUN Our SMAG-enabled water harvesting technology was named 'Top 7 Innovations for Water Access' by Borgen Project

MAY Our Perspective 'Conductive Polymer Hydrogels based Sensor Technologies' was featured as one of Most Popular Materials/Chemistry Papers by Royal Society of Chemistry.

MAY Dr. Yu was awarded the IAAM Medal Award 2021 for significant contributions in nanoscience & nanotechnology.

APR C&EN recently features our hydrogel works on both SMAG and Self-Watering Soil! Also featured by Interesting EngineeringWonderful Engineering.

APR Congrats to Zhiwei Fang for being selected for MRS Outstanding Graduate Student Award! See MRS, UT ME News.

APR Dr. Yu was featured in Wall Street Journal on 'lithium-ion battery and How Lithium Became a Hot Commodity'. See WSJ, Daily Telegraph, The Chronicle,, YouTubeThe Australian, Flipboard, Yahoo!, Herald Sun,

APR Our work 'Organic Eutectic Electrolytes for Flow Batteries' was featured by Materials Views.

APR Dr. Yu gave an invited COE Distinguished Lecture at NMSU Engineering. Thanks for the invite!

MAR Dr. Yu was awarded the prestigious TMS Brimacombe Medalist Award for outstanding mid-career scientists with sustained excellence and achievements in materials science! UT NewsME News, TMI News.

MAR Our work 'Super Moisture Absorbent Gels' was featured by Alcalde, the official publication of Texas Exes!

MAR Our work 'Self-Watering Soil' was featured as The Most Talked-About Chemistry Papers in 2020 by ACS!

MAR Congrats to our former undergrad researcher Daniel Liao for being awarded NSF GRFP!

MAR Our work 'Polyeutectic Electrolytes' was featured as EES HOT Article!

MAR Congrats to Nancy Guo for winning the MSE Graduate Student Poster Award.

FEB Our work on 'solar-powered moisture harvester' selected as one of highlight stories 'Texas Impact'

FEB Congrats to Xuelin Guo for winning the prestigious UT-GS Continuing Fellowship!

FEB Dr. Yu gave an award lecture on 'energy hydrogels' for 2021 TAMEST O'Donnell Award in Engineering

JAN Dr. Yu was selected for the prestigious TAMEST 2021 Edith and Peter O’Donnell Award! UT News, UT-ENGRUT-ME, TMI NewsTAMESTYoutube, EurekAlertFrance News, ScienMag, Daily Advent, News Locker, BioEngineer, AzoNano, StatNano.

JAN Our Self-Watering Soils research in ACS Mater Lett is featured in Science News! TechCodex.

JAN Our electrocatalytic NRR nanoreactor paper in Angew. Chem. was featured in Chemistry Views.

JAN Our work 'Super Moisture Absorbent Gels for Sustainable Agriculture' has recently been featured by Greenhouse CanadaThe Western ProducerEcoInventosWorld Industrial ReporteriGrowLeapsMag, Good Men Project, Potatoes News,