DEC Engineering Girl features our work on hydrogel breakthrough for clean water technology in "Engineering Solutions Towards Sustainable Water Access for All"!

DEC Dr. Yu was invited to serve Guest Editor for Materials Horizons and Nanoscale Horizons on topic of "New horizons in materials for energy conversion, electronics and optics"! RSC Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn.

NOV Our graduate Youhong (Nancy) Guo was selected among 2023 Forbes list of “30 under 30” in Science! UT TMI news,

NOV Austin American-Statesman features our work "Fast-Charging Thick Battery Electrodes"!

NOV Dr. Yu was invited to serve Guest Editor for Batteries & Supercaps on topic of "Aqueous Electrolyte Batteries"!

OCT Our work 'Fast-Charging Thick Battery Electrodes' was featured by The Daily Texan! Business Insider features as "Tackling The Biggest Challenges Facing EV Adoption".

OCT Dr. Yu was invited to deliver the prestigious Viskanta Lecture at Purdue University

OCT Our former PhD student Youhong (Nancy) was selected to 2022 Stanford University ME Rising Stars Workshop! 

SEP Our work on 'Vertically Assembled Thick Battery Electrodes' was highlighted in UT News! CSE News, ME News, TMI News. This PNAS work was also featured by: FOX News, New AtlasTexasDaily, Daily TexanNews Austin, TechXplore, Business NewsScienceDaily, Verve Times, News Place, Flip Board, Innovate News, InceptiveMindTrend Radar, Green Car, CnBeta, SmarTech, NewsBeezer, Austonia, Battery News, Knowledia, Tech Network, Test Coches, World Energy, Advanced Batteries Research, StockStar,, AZO Mater., NewsBreak, EurekAlert!, TweakTown, AirQuality News, JournalBreak, Head Topics, Electronics Online, ElectronicsForu, EleTimes, News Azi, BioEngineer, Clean Technica, Mining,,, TopTek News, Lab Manager, Indian Education, BullFrag, Mater. Today,, BuzzEV News, Assembly Mag,

SEP Our former PhD Youhong (Nancy) was selected to 2022 MIT ChemE Rising Stars Workshop! 

SEP Science Friday features our recent work on water harvesting gels in podcast 'Pulling Water From Thin Air'! Also at NPR Podcasts.

SEP Texas Global features our work on water harvesting gels as 'Water-Collecting Gel Films Help Hydrate a Thirsty Globe'! 

SEP Chemistry Views (Europe) profiles our research group’s recent work on water harvesting gels in themed story 'Capturing Water from the Atmosphere'! Also see SciTech Europa!

AUG Texas Monthly Magazine features our research group’s recent works on water harvesting gels!

AUG Our review 'Emerging Chemistries for Flow Batteries' was featured as Cover in Nature Rev. Chem.!

AUG Our review 'Emerging Chemistries for Flow Batteries' was featured in Nature Collection Series 'Sustainable Chemistry'!

JUN Our work 'Gel Film Fresh Water Harvester' was featured in World Economic Forum 'Groundbreaking Gel Produces Drinking Water from Dry Air'!

JUN Advanced Science News featured our recent work 'Nanostructured Moisture-Absorbing GEL' in Science In Pictures Series!

JUN Our work 'Gel Film Fresh Water Harvester' was highlighted as one of TOP Innovative Atmospheric Water Generators by ASME!

JUN Our work on 'Gel Film Fresh Water Harvester' was highlighted in UTEXAS Newsletter! It's featured as "The 5 Coolest Things on Earth" by GE.

JUN Dr. Yu was selected to 2022 Class of Blavatnik National Awards Honorees! NYAS, UT News, ME News,

MAY Our work on 'Gel Film Drinking Water Harvester' was highlighted in KXAN, UT NewsDaily Texan, CSE NewsUT Energy Bulletin, MSE News, ME News, ScienceDailyWeather Channel, Phys.Org, New AtlasYahoo!, Futurity, FAST Company, Water Online, SciTech Daily, Science Times, Tech NetworksEurekAlert!, MirageNewsCNBC News, ScienMag, National Geographic, Gizmodo, Bioengineer, Smart Water, Nanowerk, FlipBoard, News Today, News9, Verve Times, 6Parks, Interesting Engineering, WaterWorld, COSMOS, AZO Mater., List23, TimetoTimes, Educacions, Nature World, Science Blog, Core77, Head Topics, Alert Breaking, Optic Flux, WQP Mag, Biz News, Hindi News, News Buzz, Planet Water, Reddit, MSN, TechNews, WDC TV, India Education, Galaxy Reporters, NoticiasNet, ASPE, FISM TV, WorldHealth.Net, Diario Popular, El Confidential, Naked Science, Nanotech World, One NewsPage, TechCodex, EU Mail24, Optimist Daily, Flash News,, La Vanguafdia, TVN, BGR, News Beezer, News Founded, American Reporters, HiTech, Techno Pixel, Darik News, KnowAsiak, HeroMag, El Espanol, Time Bulletin, DaytoNews, 6Park News, Industry Update, News Central, ZME Science, Nation World, ABP Live, Knowridge, Daily Post (Korean), SCI-News, GoodNews Network, Extreme Tech, Knowledia, NewsofCanada, THEN24, WEAT Texas, Materials Today, Newz.DK, Youthistaan, UK Time News, List23, Focus Tech, DailyNews369, Water Journal (Korean), NewsNation, iHeart, Brazil Posts, Technology Shout, Make Water Famous, inHabitat, Crast.Net, FutureZone, WaterShapes, iNews, BTLV (France), Core77, OneWater, INF News, NuestroClima, NeozOne, WarpNews,

APR Dr. Yu was elected into 2022 Class of MRS FellowsUT News, ME News, MSE News!

MAR Our work 'Urea ElectroCatalytic Synthesis' in Nature Sustainability, was featured in story "Fertilizing The Future" of '2022 Texas Mechanical Engineer'

FEB Our work 'Polyzwitterionic Hydrogel Water Harvester' was featured in story of 'Freshwater from Thin Air' in Angewandte Chemie, Science DailyPhys.Org, ChemEuropeEurekAlert!Chemistry Views, Water World, NewAtlasAzo CleanTechNanowerk, Europa Press,, Free News, Head TopicsChannel969, NewsBeezer, Knowledia, LexologyGenius Interactive, 6JET,

JAN Dr. Yu was honored with the prestigious Norman Hackerman Award from The Welch Foundation. UT NewsDaily Texan, CSE NewsME News, MSE News!

JAN Our work 'hydrogel tablets to purify water' was featured in AdvMater Editorial ‘Opening the Doors to Advanced Materials in 2022'!

JAN Our work 'Single-Atom ElectroCatalysts' in Nature Catalysis, was featured in story of 'The Rise of Hydrogen' in Texas Engineer Magazine