DEC Two of our research works 'Smart Farming' and 'Oil-Capturing Tech' were selected as Top UT Research Stories in 2023!

DEC Our research works on Atmospheric Water Harvesting Technology is featured in the latest Water Outlook issue by Nature! Also See Texas Engineering, TMI News, ME News,

NOV Dr. Yu is ranked again as one of 2023 Top Highly Cited Researchers in both fields of Materials Science and Chemistry by Clarivate! Texas Engineering News, TMI News..

NOV Congrats to Prof. Gang Chen from MIT on discovery report in PNAS on photomolecular effect in solar water evaporation, which may help explain unique phenomena of various hydrogels in solar evaporation process! Physics World, MIT News..

SEP Our work "Breakthough Oil-Capturing Tech for Oil Spills Clean-up" published in Nature Sustainability was featured bNature Reviews Materials

SEP Congrats to our group member Weixin Guan for being selected for UT Graduate School's Student Features!

SEP Our work "Molecularly Engineered Hydrogels for Atmospheric Water Harvesting" was highlighted in Texas Water Resources Institute News!

SEP Our work "Molecularly Engineered Hydrogels for Atmospheric Water Harvesting" published in PNAS was highlighted bUT NewsDaily Texan, Texas Engineering, KXAN, IEEE Sprectrum, UT-ME News, TMI News, Science Daily, SciTech Daily, NewsBreak, Life Technology, TechXplore, EurekAlert!, FlipBoard, Petbyus, Phys.Org, Reddit, Tech TImes, Azo CleanTech, Electronics For U, OthweWeb, Eco Inventos, EnerZine, Science X,, Tii SYS, Daily Science, ISP Today, Ocrepusculo, TDI Colombia, Crumpe, Physics Forum, Ground News, OPP.Today, CityLife, Verve Times, Substack, PPL Ware, Lab Manager, Technology Networks, Smart Water Magazine, Swift Telecast, SciencMag, BioEngineer, Today Headline, ORDO News, Water Journal (Korea), Ground Water Canada, ISTOE Independte (Brazil), Pressetext, Ardina News, Green Economy Agency (Italy), EZ-Publish (France), Citizen Side (France), Head Topics, X-MOL, COSMOS Mag, NeoZone, EcoWeb, LabRoots, Alberta Water, Illuminem, Science Springs, Futurity, Wired (Italy), Physics World, GreenMe (Italy), Giornale Social (Italy),, iMedia, Lega Nerd,, Water Online, Knowridge, Future Timeline, WorldTime Todays, Innovation Toronto, Engineers Ireland, New Indian Express, Science Times, Tecent News, cnBeta, Bao Can Tho (VN), Azad News Agency (ANA), Lab Worldwide, Correio Brazilienese, Inquirer Tech, Vigour Times, Yahoo!Tech, BNN Breaking, Tech Briefs,!

SEP Dr. Yu was invited to comment on recent exciting work "Solar Desalination System" by MIT team in MIT News, MIT Climate PortalBusiness Insider, SciTech Daily!

SEP Our work "Breakthough Oil-Capturing Tech for Oil Spills Clean-up" published in Nature Sustainability was highlighted by UT News, Texas Engineering, KXAN (NBC), FOX News, KVUE (ABC), UT ME, TMI News, Nature Sustainability, Compasmag, TechXplore, Phys.Org, Mirage News, Futurist, Austin Chronicle, Today Headline, Science X, Life Technology, YouTube, DPA Magazine, Energy Portal (EU), Tii News (Japan), ChinaTechNews, Able Science, Petbyus, Science Central, Ground News, Reddit, Engineers Forum, X-MOL, Tek Crispy, INF News, Engineers Outlook, Enerzine, WorldTime Todays, Research News, Knowridge Science, Global Spec, ZBR (Mexico),

SEP Our work "Smart Farming System Enabled by Gel Catalyst" is featured in ASME as "New Smart Farming System Minimizes Fertilizer Runoff"!

AUG Our work "Conductive Gel Membranes" and RSC Award News were featured in UT TMI Newsletter!

July Dr. Yu was selected to 2023 Class of Blavatnik National Awards Honorees! New York Academy of Sciences News, Texas Engineering, UT ME, TMI News,

JUN Our work "Smart Farming System Enabled by Gel Catalyst" published in PNAS was highlighted by UT News, Texas Innovation, UT Discoveries, The Daily Texan, Texas Engineering News, UT-ME News, TMI News, EurekAlert!Phys.OrgScience Daily, SCIENMAGLife TECH, Delicious Food, Water Online, Bioengineer.Org, MORNING AgClips, TERRA Daily, SEED Daily, Indian Education, Mirage News, Climate Change, Reddit, SemiEngineering, KnowridgeTech Target, World TimeTodays, Digital Iyidir, NanoER, AgroLink, StormWater Solutions, X-MOL, Anthropocene, The Cool Down, Yahoo! News, MSN News, HortiDaily, Foresight, Future of Agriculture!

JUN Our collaborative work "Sustainable urea electrosynthesis" was awarded 2023 RSC Materials Chemistry Horizon Prize! Texas Engineering News, TMI News, ME News.

JUN Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was selected as one of Top Research+Breakthroughs by 2023 Texas Engineers Magazine!

JUN Our work "Cationic Defects Enabled Water Oxidation Catalysts" was highlighted in ChemistryViews, Angew Chemie's Science and Learning!

JUN Congrats to both Wen Shi and Chuxin Lei, for being awarded UT's Harry and Rubye Gaston Graduate Scholarship and George J. Heuer Endowed Graduate Fellowship!

MAY Our work "IonoGel Membranes" published in Nature Synthesis was highlighted by UT News, ME News, TMI News, Phys.Org, EurekAlert!, Science DailyAZOM, COSMOS Mag, Food Manufacture, Knowledia, Interesting Engineering, Design Today, Materials Today, Mirage News, X-MOL, WordPress, Science Hub, Whats New, NanoER.netTencent, Blikk, Verve Times, Innovation Report, Scientific Russia, Inceptive Mind, Science Springs, Research AeTher, ElectroPages, Swift Telecast,

MAY Dr. Yu was invited by Boston Globe to comment on a recent interesting work on Air-Gen Energy Harvesting from Humidity.

MAY Congrats to Nancy Guo, our group alumni now postdoc at MIT, for being selected as 2023 ACS PMSE Future Faculty Awardee!

APR UT Energy Institute awarded a Strategic Energy Research Grant to Dr. Yu's led team with Liu and Warner groups on electrochemical CO2 reduction technology!

APR Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was among Top 25 Chemistry and Materials Sciences Articles of 2022 by Nature Communications!

APR Dr. Yu was invited featured in inaugural UT Presidential Research Impact Award video.

MAR Zhengyu was invited to comment on a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) news piece. Congrats!

MAR Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was featured in our annual Texas Mechanical Engineer Magazine 2023!

MAR Our work in Chem "Supramolecular interactions enabled ion-conductive membranes" was featured in the journal Matter!

FEB Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was highlighted in Texas Global Report, and featured as Cover in TMI Annual Newsletter!

FEB Congrats to Weixin Guan for winning the prestigious UT Graduate School Continuing Fellowship!

FEB Congrats to John Calderon for winning the MSE graduate student poster award!

JAN Our "Electrocatalytic Urea Synthesis" work published in Nature Sustainability has been featured in Nature's series 'Emerging Technologies for Sustainability'!

JAN Our research work on "Water-Capturing Gels" was selected as Top Research Breakthroughs in Texas Engineer 2022-2023