Many chemical and physical properties of materials can be dramatically improved or radically changed as their sizes approach to the nanometer-scale regime, enabling the building of powerful devices or functional systems. Our research group focuses on creative synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials and nanostructures, fundamental studies of the chemical and physical properties of these novel synthesized materials, and further implementation of these rationally designed nanomaterials to address critical scientific and technological challenges in diverse energy-related fields, from energy storage systems including batteries, supercapacitors, to energy conversion systems such as thermoelectrics and fuel cells. The ultimate objective of our research program is to develop next-generation, high-performance nanomaterials-based renewable energy devices through understanding and controlling their electronic, thermal, electrochemical and interface properties.


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About Research Interests:

  1. Rational design and synthesis of hybrid nanomaterial systems for advanced energy storage technologies: next-generation lithium-ion batteries, electrochemical supercapacitors;
  2. Novel nanostructured materials for highly efficient energy conversion devics: thermoelectric devices, microbial fuel cells;
  3. Self-assembly and hetero-integration of nanostructures for energy and bioelectronics applications;
  4. Hybrid inorganic-organic nanomaterials for functional interface with biological systems;

About Research Group:

The nature of research program in our group is highly interdisciplinary, and it explores the basic principles in chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering to enable both fundamental understanding of novel materials with designed nano-architectures, and development of their exciting technological applications. Truly motivated graduate and undergraduate students are warmly welcome to join our group! Our dynamic and innovative research group aims to train every student member to become a highly competitive, thoughtful, and independent scientist for their future careers.