'Annual Explore UT event



Yaqun is introducing our reserarch to local Austin visitors.


Ye is showcasing our group research at Explore UT.

'Introduce a Girl tEngineering Day'  

Ye and Yaqun are explaining gel research to girls.


Ye is sharing our battery research with girls.

'Explore UT' and 'Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day' 

Yu and Prof. Yu GD 

Yu and Dr. Yu are introducing the liquid battery to little girls.

Yu Ding introduce and Prof. Yu GD

The little girls are exploring the demos showed by Yu.

Ye and Vincent UT

Ye and Vincent are introducing our works to the audience.

Yu Ding introduce UT

Yu and Lele are introducing the nanoscience and nanotechnology to the audience.

Explore UT' and 'Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day' 


Dr. Yu is introducing nanoscience & nanotechnology to little girls.


Paulo is showing nanostructured material to young students and their parents.


Borui is explaining our battery work to young students and their parents.