AUG Congrats to our summer student, Renad Abualjamal, for her story featured in Texas Global!

AUG Our 'Solar-Powered Moisture Harvester' work is featured in The University Network (TUN).

JULY Our 'Water Absorbing Hydrogel' is featured in XinhuaNET!

JULY Our paper 'Light-Absorbing Sponge-Like Hydrogels for Solar Water Desalination' featured as Cover in ACS Nano.

JUN Science News features our 'Hydrogel Solar Still' work as "New solar technology could produce clean drinking water for millions in need"! 

MAY Our paper on 'Carbon Nitride for N2 Fixation' is Most Accessed Article in Angewandte Chem.

MAY Our review on 'Holey 2D materials for energy storage' is Most Read Article in Adv. Energy Mater.

APR Dr. Yu gave two invited talks at MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix about our group's energy hydrogels, multifunctional gels!

MAR Our 'Solar-Powered Moisture Harvester' work is widely featured in global media: ScienceDaily, PopularMechanics, The Statesman, The ENGINEER, Business Standard, R&D Magazine, Nature World News, Technology.Org, EurekAlert!, Yahoo!, Materials World, USA Today, Newswise, Interesting Engineering, ScienceNews, Physics News, The Week, Indian Times, Indian Express, The Nation, Spectrum News, Advanced Science,, Shilfa, Innovation Toronto, Reddit, Long Room, KNOWRIDGE, E&T, Phys.Org, IEEE, Market Reports, Water World, NewsBeezer, TechGraph, FocusTechnica, Engineering360, DesignFax, ImpactLab, Grand Challenges, HomePlanetEarth, Manufacturing.Net, Lab News, ECN!

MAR Our work 'Super Moisture‐Absorbent Gels for Water Harvesting' is featured in UT NEWS.

MAR Dr. Yu gave three invited talks at ACS Meeting Orlando on our group works on energy hydrogels, flow batteries, and 2D energy materials!

MAR Dr. Yu gave an invited MSE department seminar at KAUST. A wonderful visit to Jeddah and beautiful campus!

MAR Congrats to Zhiwei Fang for winning the prestigious UT-GS Continuing Fellowship!

MAR Dr. Yu was featured in ACS Axial as "Meet New Associate Editors for ACS Materials Lett."

FEB Congrats to Youhong Guo for winning first place in Longhorn Student Poster Contest by UT Energy Institute!

FEB Dr.Yu was invited to organize a Focus Issue on "Nanoscale Electrocatalysts" by Nanotechnology (IOP).

JAN Dr. Yu was invited to serve Associate Editor for a new flagship materials science journal by ACS: ACS Materials Letters!

JAN Dr. Yu was invited to the advisory board of the flagship RSC journal: Chemical Society Reviews!

JAN Dr. Yu was selected by IUPAC to represent Element V for ‘Periodic Table of Young Chemists’ to celebrate International Year (150th) of Periodic Table. TMI News



DEC Chem (CellPress) features our organic flow batteries work as their December Cover article!

NOV Dr. Yu is named Highly Cited Researcher 2018 by Web of Science (Clarivate). 

OCT US NAE's Frontiers of Engineering features our group’s recent work hydrogel-based food sensor.

OCT Dr. Yu was invited to Editorial Advisory Board of the prestigious journal ACS Central Science Look forward to more service to scientific community!

SEP The Dreyfus Foundation features our group’s research via YouTube video.

SEP  Dr. Yu gave an invited talk at 4th International Conference on Energy and Bio Materials, and for his Alma mater USTC's 60th Anniversary.

SEP Dr. Yu was selected as Caltech's Resnick Young Invesitgator for an invited talk at Resnick Sustainability Institute.

AUG Dr. Yu gave two invited talks in ACS Fall Meeting in Boston, delivered official Nano Letters Lectureship, and received 2018 ACS ENFL Division Emerging Researcher Award

AUG Our solar-water hydrogel work in Nature Nanotech is featured in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)!

JUL Our solar-water hydrogel work in Nature Nanotech is selected in Nature's Green Chemistry collection

JUL Dr. Yu gave a Keynote speech in 2018 CNESE conference, and invited seminars in USTC,  Hefei Univ. of Tech., Fudan Univ., and Tongji

JUN Dr. Yu was selected for 2018 DOE Early Career Award! Thanks for this prestigious honor. ME News and TMI News

JUN Dr. Yu gave a series of invited seminars/lectureships in China, Tsinghua Univ.,  ICCASDalian Univ. of Tech.Nanjing Univ., and  Xi'an Jiaotong

JUN Our “Wireless Food Sensor” in Nano Lett. is featured worldwide! Food Magazine, US News, Geek, ACS, Phys.Org, WebMD, New Atlas, Health 24, Daily Mail (UK), Food Quality&SafetyWonderful Engineering, ScienceDaily, EurekAlert!, Drugs.comTechnologyNetworks.

JUN Our recent two papers are featured back-to-back as Cover articles in June issue of Nature Nanotech and Nano Letters

MAY Dr. Yu is selected for '2018 Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship Award'. Thanks to ACS for this prestigious honor!   ME News.

MAY Dr. Yu is selected as one of  '2018 Caltech's Resnick Young Investigators'. Special Thanks to Caltech's Resnick Institute!  

MAY Our paper 'Graphene Oxide Membranes for Flow Batteries ' iIssue Highlight in Chem!

MAY Our paper 'Hydrogel-derived ultrafine Sn-Fe alloy anode ' is Most Read Article in Nano Lett.

MAY Our paper 'Ni-Co-A Holey Nanosheets for Hydrogen Evolution' is Most Read Article in JACS.

APR Our “Hydrogel-Based Solar Water Desalination” in NatureNano is featured worldwide! Daily Texan, R&DMag, Houston Chronicle, Science Alert, IEEE, IFLScience, Science News, Phys.Org, EurekAlert!, Science Bulletin, The Chemical Engineer, Indy100, IndustryTap, Science Page, Inhabitat, Brinkwire, AZOcleantech, Water Online, Mother Earth News, Interesting Engineering, Controlled Environments, LongRoom, Nanowerk, Digital Journal, Reddit, TVN, Desalination, GineersNow, Future Tech, AWAKEN, NationalGeograph, Environ. MonitorSOHU(China), X-MOL(China)Sueddeutsche Zeitung(Germany), Innovazione(Italy), IKONS(Indonesia), NPLUS1(Russia), Meio ambiente(Brasil), Tech News(UK), KLBJ(AustinNewsRadio), Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany).

APR Our work 'Solar Hydrogels for Water Desal' is online in Nature Nanotech! And featured by UT Austin and Texas Engineering 'Water Purification Breakthrough Uses Sunlight and 'Hydrogels'.

APR Our work 'Nobel-Metal-Free Electrocatalyst for N2 Fixation' is featured in Chemistry Views.

APR Our work 'Hydrogel-Derived Composite Polymer Electrolyte for Solid-State Batteries' is featured in MRS Bulletin.    

APR Congrats to Katrina winning NSF graduate fellowship. Nice job!

APR Our two recent reviews on 'Hydrogel' and 'Binder' are Most Read 2017 Articles in Acc. Chem. Res.

MAR Our review on 'Holey 2D Nanomaterials for Energy Storage' is featured in Materials Views.

MAR Dr. Yu was invited by C&EN to comment on recent interesting work "Electrode Materials Design for Extended Lifetime". 

MAR Congrats to Jon Mui, our former Byram Hills High School researcher, winning 3rd place at NY JSHS state competition, and ACS scholarship for the most outstanding paper in chemistry!

MAR Congrats to Lele and Ye, both winning prestigious 'Outstanding Chinese PhD Students Studying Abroad Scholarship' by Ministry of Education. They ranked highly (#1, #3) among many applicants to General Consulate in Houston. See TMI News.

MAR Yue Zhu was awarded the prestigious 2018-19 University Continuing Graduate Fellowship!

MAR Dr. Yu gave two invited talks in Gordon Conference (GRC) on Batteries in Ventura, and MSE department seminar at UCLA! THanks for invitations!

FEB Jiwoong’s paper 'Hydrogel-derived composite electrolyte' featured as Cover in Angew.Chem., and highlighted in ChemistryViews, ...


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Turning Air into Drinking Water - UTexas News.

New Solar Technology could Produce Clean Drinking Water for Millions in Need - Science News.

Science Advance

Solar-Powered Moisture Harvester Collects and Cleans Water from Air - UTexas News.UTNews AWH

IUPAC selects Dr. Yu to represent Element V as ‘Periodic Table of Young Chemists’.IUPAC Yu

Dr. Yu is named 2018 Highly Cited Researcher by Web of Science!

2018 highcitation

Dr. Yu was selected for 2018 Nano Letters Young Investigator Award!

Yu ACS 3278 NL LEA Winner

Engineers develop method of using sun to clean drinking water - The Daily Texan.

Hydrogel Daily Texan

Tech developed at UT-Austin could help purify water during natural disasters - Houston Chronicle.

Hydrogel news1

Prof. Yu received 2017 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award!

Yu Dreyfus

Ye Shi and Yu Ding won MRS Graduate Student Awards: Gold and Silver!

         Ye Shi gold ding yu silver

Prof. Yu was honored as Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)!


Dr. Yu was selected as one of 2016 Sloan Research Fellows! 


Future humanoid robots may end up using University of Texas creation to self-heal - Fox News.


UT research leads to revolutionary ‘self-healing’ gel for electronics - Austin Statesman.

austin statesman

MIT Technology Review named Dr. Yu one of the world’s Top 35 Innovators Under Age 35 (TR 35).