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FEB Our paper "Metallocene Non-Aqueous Flow Batteries" is featured as Cover Article in EES.

FEB Ding's paper about "Bio-Inspired Organic Redox Flow Batteries" published on Chem is highlighted by X-MOL.

JAN Our work about nanostructured layered materials based high-energy sodium battery in EES is featured in MRS Bulletin! Our work on "smart electrolyte" is featured in UT ME Department.

JAN Our invited review on 'Hybrid 2D Materials for Flexible Energy Devices' is Top 10 Most Accessed Paper in Small, and featured in MaterialsViews (Wiley).

JAN Our work on ternary sulfur cathode was featured in Science News “Better batteries charge forward!”.

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DEC Guihua gave invited talks at Yale Energy Science Institute and Materials Science Colloquium at Columbia Univ.. Great to see many faculty friends and thanks for invitations!

DEC Guihua gave an invited talk in IBM TJ Watson Research Center. Great to meet many outstanding researchers there and thanks for invitation!

DEC Yu Ding won MRS Graduate Student Silver Award; Lele was a competitive nominee of MRS poster prize. Our group gave two invited talks at 2016 MRS Meeting in Boston. Congrats!

NOV Our work on ternary sulfur cathode was featured in Nanowerk, IEEE Spetrum, and NanotechWeb.

NOV Our invited review on 'Hybrid 2D Materials for Flexible Energy Devices' is Top 10 Most Accessed Paper in SmallJun’s paper on ternary sulfur cathode is Top 10 Most Accessed Paper in Nano Lett..

NOV Guihua gave an invited seminar in Materials Science & Engineering at Univ. Maryland. Thanks for invitation!

NOV Our works on nanostructured gel biosensors and self-healing gels have been selected to feature in RSC Book "Nanotechnology: The Future is Tiny" by Michael Berger!

OCT Guihua gave a Keynote lecture at 2016 International Symposium on Energy Chemistry and Materials in China. Great to visit his alma mater, USTC!

OCT Lele and Yu Ding both receive Graduate Student Professional Development Award! Congrat!

OCT Guihua gave invited seminars in Chemical Engineering at Northwestern, and in Materials Science & Engineering at UIUC. Thanks for kind invitations!

OCT Ye and Jun's paper and review article are accepted in Nano Lett. and Nano Today. Congrats!

OCT Guihua gave an invited department seminar in NanoEngineering at UCSD. Thanks for kind invitation!

OCT Congrats on Ding Yu’s selection to very competitive MRS Outstanding Graduate Student Award Finalist. He is the only one from UT Austin this fall.

OCT Ding Yu’s paper on 'All-Metallocene-Based Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Battery' is accepted in EES.

SEP Our invited review on 'Inorganic-Graphene 2D Hybrid Materials for Flexible Energy Storage Devices' is accepted in Small.

SEP Our smart electrolyte work has been featured as Cover article in Adv. Mater. and also featured in MaterialsViews (Wiley).

SEP Hongsen's paper about self-assembled Nb2O5 nanosheets for sodium ion capacitors is Top 10 Most Accessed Article in Chem. Mater..

SEP  Our smart polymer electrolyte work in Adv. Mater. was featured in MRS Bulletin.

AUG Guihua gave two invited talks at ACS Fall 2016 meeting in Philly. One of them is 3rd ChemSocRev Lectureship talk on '2D Energy Materials'!

AUG Welcome our group's...

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Featured Stories

Featured Cover Articles: 



News Feature: Dr. Yu was selected as one of 2016 Sloan Research Fellows! 


News Feature: Future humanoid robots may end up using University of Texas creation to self-heal - Fox News.



News Feature: UT research leads to revolutionary ‘self-healing’ gel for electronics - Austin Statesman.

austin statesman


Learn about our recent review about Li-redox flow batteries featured as cover story in Chem. Soc. Rev..

cover zhao csr


News Feature: MIT Technology Review named Dr. Yu one of the world’s Top 35 Innovators Under Age 35 this year - MIT Tech Review.