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JUL Guihua gave an invited talk and his second RSC EMI Lectureship at 2016 IUMRS-ICEM in Singapore!

JUN  Guihua kicked off the first ChemSocRev Lectureship by giving a keynote speech at 2016 International Symposium on Energy Conversiona and Storage in Xiamen! He also gave an invited talk at 2016 Nature Conference of Materials for Energy in Wuhan.

MAY Lele represents our group to give an invited talk at ECS 2016 in San Diego, and was also awarded UT Professional Development Award. Congrats!

MAY Our work on self-healing gels is featured in US NAE-FOE website. Congrats Ye!

APR Our perspective about nanoGels has been featured as a Cover Article in Chem. Mater..

APR Yaqun and Yu’s paper on 'size-dependent sodium storage properties of organic electrodes' is published in Nano Lett..

APR Ye’s perspective article about our nanoGels is Top 10 Most Accessed Article in Chem. Mater..

APR Guihua and our group have been profiled in MaterialsViews (Wiley)!

APR Yu’s bio-inspired liquid battery work is featured in TechXplore and NanotechWeb! Congrats.

MAR Our review on '2D Materials for Beyond-Li-ion Batteries' is featured in Materials Views as 'Best of Advanced Energy Materials'.

MAR Guihua was selected as one of two international winners for Chem Soc Rev Emerging Investigator Lectureship 2016.

MAR Yu’s paper in Angew. Chem. has been featured as a Cover Article! Congrats.

MAR Guihua was invited by NanotechWeb and C&EN, to comment on two recent interesting works about ‘water-repellent surfaces’.

FEB Guihua was selected as one of 2016 Sloan Research Fellows! We appreciate this prestigious honor. (UT News, College News)

FEB Our Invited review on 'Two-Dimensional Materials for Beyond-Li-ion Batteries' is accepted in Advanced Energy Materials.

FEB Ye Shi was awarded the prestigious UT Graduate School Continuing Fellowship. Congrats!

FEB Ding Yu’s paper on bio-inspired heavy-metal-free liquid battery is accepted in Angew. Chem..

FEB Our invited perspective on ‘nanostructured conductive polymer gels for Energy’ is accepted for 2016 Up-and-Coming series in Chemistry of Materials! We appreciate this honor of being featured as rising young star.

FEB Our group research has been featured in annual school magazine “TEXAS Engineer”!

FEB “UT engineers develop self-healing battery gel” featured story in The Daily Texan. And another feature story by Association for Computing Machinery!

JAN Guihua was invited to Advisory Board of Chem, a high-impact chemistry journal published by Cell Press!

JAN We are excited that our self-healing r...

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DEC Gro...

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Featured Stories

News Feature: Dr. Yu was selected as one of 2016 Sloan Research Fellows! 


News Feature: Future humanoid robots may end up using University of Texas creation to self-heal - Fox News.



News Feature: UT research leads to revolutionary ‘self-healing’ gel for electronics - Austin Statesman.

austin statesman


Learn about our recent review about Li-redox flow batteries featured as cover story in Chem. Soc. Rev..

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News Feature: MIT Technology Review named Dr. Yu one of the world’s Top 35 Innovators Under Age 35 this year - MIT Tech Review.