MAY Our work "IonoGel Membranes" published in Nature Synthesis was highlighted by UT News, ME News, TMI News, Phys.Org, EurekAlert!, Science DailyAZOM, COSMOS Mag, Food Manufacture, Knowledia, Interesting Engineering, Design Today, Materials Today, Mirage News, X-MOL, WordPress, Science Hub, Whats New, NanoER.netTencent, Blikk, Verve Times, Innovation Report, Inceptive Mind, Research AeTher, ElectroPages,

MAY Dr. Yu was invited by Boston Globe to comment on a recent interesting work on Air-Gen Energy Harvesting from Humidity.

MAY Congrats to Nancy Guo, our group alumni now postdoc at MIT, for being selected as 2023 ACS PMSE Future Faculty Awardee!

APR UT Energy Institute awarded a Strategic Energy Research Grant to Dr. Yu's led team with Liu and Warner groups on electrochemical CO2 reduction technology!

APR Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was among Top 25 Chemistry and Materials Sciences Articles of 2022 by Nature Communications!

APR Dr. Yu was invited featured in inaugural UT Presidential Research Impact Award video.

MAR Zhengyu was invited to comment on a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) news piece. Congrats!

MAR Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was featured in our annual Texas Mechanical Engineer Magazine 2023!

MAR Our work in Chem "Supramolecular interactions enabled ion-conductive membranes" was featured in the journal Matter!

FEB Our work "Water-Capturing Gels" was highlighted in Texas Global Report, and featured as Cover in TMI Annual Newsletter!

FEB Congrats to Weixin Guan for winning the prestigious UT Graduate School Continuing Fellowship!

FEB Congrats to John Calderon for winning the MSE graduate student poster award!

JAN Our "Electrocatalytic Urea Synthesis" work published in Nature Sustainability has been featured in Nature's series 'Emerging Technologies for Sustainability'!