DEC Our work on Liquid-Metal based Sodium Batteries is featured as DEC cover in ACS Central Science!

DEC Congrats to Youhong for winning the prestigious MRS Outstanding Graduate Students Award! TMI News.

NOV We are awarded a DARPA project for developing atmospheric water extraction technologies, with partner teams of MIT and Caltech! See UT News, UT Research Showcase, ME News, TMI News.

NOV Our work 'Self-Watering Soil' is featured by BNN Bloomberg, as in Dr. Yu' interview of 'self-watering soil for the future of farming'.

NOV Our work 'Self-watering Soil' is selected as one of Top Five Coolest Things On Earth by GE News!

NOV The Daily Texan features our 'Self-Watering Soil' work! UT Energy Institute features our work in November Bulletin.

NOV Congrats to Jiwoong and Leyuan, both have successfully defended their thesis. Dr. Bae and Dr. Zhang!

NOV Dr. Yu is ranked as Top Highly Cited Researchers by Web of Science again in 2020. See TMI News.

NOV Our work on BiNi nano-alloys for electrocatalytic NRR was accepted in Angew. Chem. as VIP paper.

NOV Our recent work on Filler's dimensionality effect for scalable battery systems was featured in American Institute of Physics (AIP), Phys.OrgNewsWise, EurekAlert, ScienceDaily, Rocket NewsDE24, FlipBoard, 15min News, WUWT, BioEngineer, PV Magazine, Press Reader, Space Daily,, FocusTechnica, ScienMag, Online EV, TradeTicker, Finanz Nachrichten, ID TechEx, Moore News, Read01, OfWeek, EE World, SciTech Daily, List.Solar,, Amazing Researchs, News Delay, California NewsTimes, Alkhaleej Today,,, WirtSchaftsblatt, ESdeLatino, Chem Europe, NewsBeezer, BlogDady,, China Auto, Gasgoo, SINA, NewsOTime, MyZaker, Shangshiny, WCENN, 111yg, Recode, Geek News, UpsApp, HengNan,,, EcoNews, IDC311,, Graphene Council, UGOLINI,, StatNano, Energy Journal,

NOV Recent work 'Super Moisture Absorbent Gels for Sustainable Agriculture' is featured by BloombergWorld Economic Forum, Daily TexanUT News, Texas EngineeringABC News, KXAN AustinEurekalert!, ScienceDaily, EcoTropical, BrightSurf, ManiacGeek, Engineers Ireland, TechnologyTimes, BioEngineer, AustraliaOnline, OneNews, LivDose, ScienMag, MirageNews, Press Aggregate, NewsBreak,, Futurity, E&T, AZO Life Sciences, Seed Daily,, Eurasia Review, Science Blog, SpaceForce, KnowLedia, FlipBoard, Better Parent, CRWE World, Zenith News, WorldPro News, Daily Ripple, ClimateChange, Gadget Stack, SeedQuest, Europapress,, AmazingResearchs, BotanicalCart, Notimerica, Innovation Toronto, Newsdelay, Infobae, FantasyMundo, VN Explorer, SciTechDaily, Laboratory Equipment,, Food News&Views,, Word Disk, New Atlas, RevistaPlaneta,,, Modern Farmer,, punjab times, TMI News, Science Bulletin, TerraDaily, The Scotfree, World Industry, GistTree,, Blueberries,, NCYT, PortalFruticola, Anthropocene, Revolution Green, weirdnews, Cambio16,,,, HortiDaily, Focus Technica, Newsvoice,, Indian Bureau, Tempo, Seed World,, The Nation, NatureSpeaks,,, InfoBae, Cannabis-Mag,, Planeta, Clarin, Successful Green, OGN Daily, UNTV News, The Counter, Optimist Daily, Fyberus, SmallTech, NewsVoice, Reddit, WorldToday, Scientic Ecology, LabNews, AlgeriaNext, Spider'sWeb, Irrigacao, Al Jazeera, NyTeknik, Water Online, Science Bulletin, EcoInventos, TDI Colombia, Nuadox, The Texas,,,, ResearchNews, Knowledge Area,, Wis Farmer,, Interesting Engineering, 306doc,, VnExpress, OnPasture,,, eTeknoFuture Farming, TillageMag, Warp News, NZ Food, Smart Brief, SmartWater,, Granthshara, NewsLocker, KTAB News, CW39, HortiBiz, Groundwater Canana, Impact Lab, Environmental Tech,, Quota Media, Voleng, MD Tech, Warp Institute, Successful Green, On Pasture, Potatoes NewsEarthWiseTencent (China), Technology Times Pakistan, The Packer, Farm Journal, Greenhouse Canada, The Western Producer, EcoInventos, World Industrial Reporter, iGrow, LeapsMag, Global Food Summit, The GardenChemistry&Industry (C&I)!

OCT Our work on electrocatalytic NRR nanoreactor was accepted in Angew. Chem. as a VIP paper.

OCT Dr. Yu was invited to comment on recent exciting work published by MIT team on dual-stage water harvesting: MIT NewsScienceBlog, Technology.

SEP Our recent work in JACS on 'Aqueous Al-Ion Batteryis featured by Science Magazine.

SEP Our recent work in JACS on 'Aqueous Al-Ion Batteryis selected as one of Featured Covers in Sept.

SEP Recent work in Nature Mater on 'In Situ Magnetometry Probing Transition Metal Oxides' is highlighted by Nature Energy, Science Bulletin.

SEP Recent work on 'In Situ Magnetometry Probing Transition Metal Oxides' is featured by UT News, ScienceDaily, TechXplore, EurekAlert!, SciTechDaily, UT Engineering, TMI NewsPhys.OrgScienceMag, DesignNewsChemEuropeAZOMTechReview (Italy), EnergyAsiaAustralian News, SlashGear, BioEngineer, KnowRidgeFlipBoard, eScience NewsPV MagKnowledia, Newsbeezer, SINASOHU, NewsNowTechRoom, List Solar, News Break, SmallTechNews, Zaker, YoutubeGreatNews, FocusTechnica, Texas Electric, Texas EnergyXOER, CRWE World, NorthAustin NewsElecFans, 365NewsPerthNews, VaajuConnecticutNews, CleanTechnicaCHEMIE.deNewEnergyByte ClicksKimDeyir, Quimica.Es15minuteNews, FijiNewsNewZealand NewsMirageNews, DCYT, NoypiGeeks, RedditLabEquipment, ScienceXGasGoo, Fayhoo, PCOnline,, EEworld, WhoTrades, EastMoney, MetroWorldNews, cnBeta, OFweek, Investment Watch, ECW,,, cnPower, WhoTrades, LotGainProAngrez, BESTmag(UK), HiMAX, New Energy&Fuel, TopNews.

AUG Our recent review in ChemReviews 'Hydrogels for Energy-Water Nexus' is selected as one of Featured Covers in AUG

AUG Our work 'Azobenzene-Based Nonaqueous Redox Flow Battery' is featured by UT Engineering, ME News, TMI News

JULY Our latest ChemRev article summarizes many important works on 'Hydrogels for Energy-Water Nexus', and is Most Read Articles in Chem. Rev.

JULY Congrats to Leyuan for winning the prestigious MRS Outstanding Graduate Students Award Silver! ME News

JULY Chemistry World features our recent work on hydrogels for Atmospheric Water Harvesting.

JULY Our work 'New Room-Temperature Liquid-Metal Battery' is featured in global media: UT News, TMI NewsTechXplore, ScienceNews, Business Insider, SciTechDailyAdvanced Science News, FUTURA TECH, AZOM, NEW ATLAS, ScienceDaily, SCIENMAG, ChemEuropeThe ENGINEERDesignNews, Interesting EngineeringTech Funnel, Phys.Org, MaterialsViewsUSA Science NewsEurekAlert, Energy DailyYahoo!, SteeMIT, ElectronicDesign, SmallTech, ShortPedia, OrdoNews, Enerzine, EENews,, SpaceDailyTechnologie Media, EnergyStorage.Org, DigiTimesList.SolarRToZ.Org, RTFlash, ClimateCrocks, Engineering, Read01!

JULY Advanced Energy Materials publishes special issue in Honor of Nobel Laureate John Goodenoughwith our invited review included too. 

JULY Congrats to Yue for winning the prestigious Humboldt Postdoc Research Fellowship!

JUN Our invited AWH review is the Most Read article in ACS Mater. Lett.!

MAY Our invited review on solar evaporation materials is featured as Cover in Nat. Rev. Mater.!

MAY Our invited AWH review is selected as ACS Editors' Choice article in ACS Mater. Lett.!

APR Angewandte Chemie features both Dr. Yu's Author Profile and IUPAC Award News.

MAR Our latest invited review on 'Materials for Solar Water Technologies' is now online in Nat. Rev. Mater. !

MAR Angewandte Chemie features Dr. Yu's IUPAC Award for Creativity in Applied Polymer Science.

MAR Congrats to Youhong Guo for winning a 2020 ME Graduate Student Poster Award!

MAR Congrats to Leyuan Zhang for winning a 2020 MSE Research Poster Contest Award!

FEB Congrats to Leyuan Zhang for being selected to very competitive MRS Graduate Students Award Finalist!

FEB Our work on 'Evaporation‐Induced Vertical Alignment for Directional Ion Transport' is featured in Materials Views.

FEB Our paper 'DFT Study Single vs Double Atom Catalyst for NRR'  is highlighted in Advanced Science News.

FEB Congrats to Xingyi Zhou for winning the prestigious UT-GS Continuing Fellowship!

FEB Dr. Yu was recently profiled in Angewandte Chemie as a prolific senior author.

FEB Dr. Yu led a research team with CSE and LBJ faculty to win a competitive award from UT Energy Institute on developing solar water purification technology.

JAN Longhorns Network profiles Dr. Yu and our group's research on hydrogels-enabled water technologies

JAN Our SMAG paper published in Adv. Mater. was featured in the editorial piece of ‘Advanced Materials in the New Decade’.